Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Kirari's listening to Pt. 2

Something simple for my first non-shitpost in a while. Here's some songs that I've been looping recently, some old some new. First up is a song from Nitro+'s staff to cheer Japan on. It's a really nice song actually, I wish it was a bit longer. Soniko is kinda like Nitro+'s mascot, I thought it was really nice that they made something like this.

Next is Tete-a-tete by OSTER Project, using Rin's Sweet append voice. It's a really girly song, and it's incredibly cute (like most of OSTER Project's stuff).

Next is a easy listening Jazz arrange of Nue's theme. The song is called Labyrinth, by Con. The name of the album is Girls Apartment, whole thing is just smooth jazz, if anyone is interested. This is the only vocal track on the album though, if I remember correctly.

And I'll end the post with something a bit different from the other songs, which are all relatively soothing. The song is 生きる (Living) by Tokyo Jihen. I picked the live version because I actually like the piano and solo vocal for the start of the song, rather than the backup singer and lack of instruments in the album version. The drawback is that the louder part of the vocals do come out a bit more harshly, but at the same time I like that. My favorite part of the song is at about 2:40 when the song enters the second half. The video ends a bit prematurely, but it can't be helped. The end of the song is probably about only 3 seconds after the part it finishes though, so there's not that much time shaved off from the song.

~ Kirari ミ★

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Cpt.Awesome said...

I'm not too fond of most vocals, but OSTER Project is the few artists I make exceptions for.

I think I may have listened to Girls Apartment before. I'll check it out again just to be sure. I prefer more lively jazz so that may be why I don't remember this album that well. Actually, I think Touhou Full Swing may have overshadowed that album in my mind if they both came out at C78.

Any luck on your desktop's health yet?

Jerry said...

>It's a really girly song

I find nothing wrong with this whatsoever.

>whole thing is just smooth jazz

What an interesting take on Touhou arranges. Then again, arranges come in all sorts of music styles.

>The song is 生きる (Living) by Tokyo Jihen.

I'm a bit puzzled at what I watched. Oh well, it was entertaining.

>Any luck on your desktop's health yet?

Kirari Star said...

>Any luck on your desktop's health yet?

I haven't tried yet, I might try later today.

Tigoris said...

I really like the way the first song sounds. Not really sure how to explain it, but the simplicity of it is appealing. The lyrics are nice too.

Second song is indeed girly, but that light sunshiney feel is highly enjoyable. Video was really cute.

Hm, third and fourth didn't really catch my interest. What on earth do I look for in a song?

serenity said...

You weren't joking about Tete-a-tete being all girly and cute and stuff; it was a really sweet song. Listening to OSTER Project always makes me grin stupidly, good thing nobody's watching.

I really liked the intro (/first part) to 生きる, although the tone seemed to change pretty abruptly at 4:47.

Moob said...

interesting post.

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

Ah, kinda late here. Not like I say anything important. Thanks for the music. Unlike Cpt, I'm completely fine with vocals.

>easy listening Jazz arrange

I always like these.

Kirari Star said...

It's cool HHH, I appreciate comments whenever they're posted.

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