Friday, March 25, 2011

Computer sicky

I blame the drivers I put in to use my Wiimote on my computer, it's the only change I made recently that I can really think of. I turned my computer on yesterday and it booted fine until the login screen, where it just hanged with a black screen and nothing else. Monitors still received signal, but no cursor or anything. I didn't panic because I know better than that. So I started it up in safe mode, and it did indeed start up perfectly fine. I didn't think it's the culprit, as I'm always too cautious to get them, but just to make sure, I ran some virus scanners. All clean, as expected, so I cleaned out my registry and checked small details here and there to try to isolate the problem. So I eventually thought I'd just try fixing the MBR with recovery console. Well, it didn't do anything, but I figured it was worth a shot. This time I figured I'd run CHKDSK. I didn't want it to come to that, since it's quite lengthy, but I just left it alone and continued with my day using my laptop instead.

When it finally finished, I checked and: hey, it booted fine. So I used it for the rest of the day, everything was fine. I shut it off for the night, turned it on this morning and face the same problem.I ran through the steps above one more time, but this time CHKDSK wasn't fixing the problem either. So it comes down to the point where I'll need to put in my XP disk and just run repair. This is something I really didn't want it to come to because I'd have to go through the trouble of hooking up my CD drive again (I don't have extra SATA cables so just unhooked my CD drive when I got my new hard drive on Christmas). Before it comes to that I tried the steps again one more time, wasting more of my day, and it comes to the same results. Well, I figured I should stop being lazy and start some physical labor. So I open my case, switch out my new hard drive and replace the cables for my CD drive. I boot up my computer and: no power. Fans don't run at all but motherboard has its light on. I mess with the switch in the back and take a quick glance at my jumpers. I don't know what happened, I'm guessing one of the jumpers came out while opening my case again and I didn't notice. In any case, the power button doesn't start my computer up right now. I've used up enough of my day trying to fix it, so I'll leave it alone for now and get back to it some other time.

Worst case scenario would be I don't know what the hell is wrong and will probably have to take my case over to my uncle's house to see if he can spot anything wrong with how everything's hooked up. And it'd probably be an obvious problem I'm overlooking as well, like one of the jumpers not being on securely enough. At least I know it's my own fault, even if I don't know what I did actually. I just worry having to take the trip to my uncle's place just to bother him, and my machine isn't exactly portable enough to just carry along. What really sucks though is that I now have a bundle of hard drives worth of data that I can't access at the moment, and I don't even know how long it'll be before I'm able to access them again.
I was going to make a non-shitpost today but I just wanna take it easy the rest of the day and continue with my kanji.

~ Kirari ミ★

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Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

>I don't have extra SATA cables

Those are very cheap and it wouldn't hurt to invest in a few.

>In any case, the power button doesn't start my computer up right now.

Oh dear, now it's even worse..

I took apart and reassembled my computer three times before it even started correctly. I know that feeling of having no idea what the problem is. Like you say, it's usually something very obvious.

Well, good luck in getting it fixed. You pretty much tried everything I would have done, other than completely taking it apart. Although..

>I don't know what happened, I'm guessing one of the jumpers came out while opening my case again and I didn't notice.

It's not like there are that many connections. Did you double check everything? Some of those smaller pins seem to barely hang on sometimes. On mine, the chassis connectors are especially flimsy, which may explain the power button not working.

Kirari Star said...

Yeah, I checked everything and ti seemed fine. That's why I figured I'd just try again tomorrow, it might be more obvious to me by then.

I didn't really take my computer completely apart or anything, all I did was open the case up and swap the jumper and SATA cable from my newest hard drive back to my CD drive so I can pop in the XP disk (I typo'd this as "CP disk" at first and was debating whether I should keep that error or not) and run a repair.

It was supposed to be a 1-2-3 job, I was just too lazy to do it at first because it would require me to unplug everything from my computer so I could pull my tower out, just to swap the cables to run the XP disk, so I was hoping it wouldn't come to that. I thought I had reached the end of the line and would just get it over with, but I unknowingly made matters worse.

In retrospect, I should have been more cautious. This is the first time in years I've had a problem like this. And back then, my uncle eventually took a look at everything and pointed out that one of the jumpers were on only partially, leaving one pin was sticking out with the cable plugged slightly off to the left. Something really small and simple I overlooked just because I'm not as observation as I think I am. Only this time I'm not living in the same house as my uncle anymore so can't just take a trip downstairs to ask him to check it out.

The embarrassment of having small and obvious problems fixed for me is weighted out with the fact that there were times where he had simple software related issues that he realized had a simple fix after requesting me to help. I've always been better at troubleshooting software issues while hardware has always been his strong suit.

Cpt.Awesome said...

The drivers for my PS3 controller give me some problems as well. The main annoying one is how it will sometimes give me the BSOD when I plug in another USB device.

Is it just a black screen? Can you see your mouse? Can you open the task manager with Ctrl-Alt-Del? If you can, start a new task and type in explorer.exe. You may have to kill the process if it's already running.

>I'm guessing one of the jumpers came out while opening my case again and I didn't notice.

If you can't figure it out you can always upload a picture of your computer's insides. It's a small chance, but we may spot something.

>CP disk

Oh you.

Kirari Star said...

>Can you see your mouse?

Nope. It's directly after the boot logo for windows XP, right when it's about to get onto the login screen. It's a problem that I'm sure would easily be detected and fix via automatic repair from the CD. Though, I have to say it'd be pretty funny if after all this trouble, the CD doesn't even fix the problem.

Magnus said...

Your driver must be interfering with your mouse. If you can't get rid of the drivers you installed in safe mode, you will have to format your computer (not recover, format).

About the power on problem... if you are sure your MB has power, the power on button has a cable that might have been unplugged or, in the worst case, broken. You shouldn't play with your switches and bridges unless you know what are you doing, because when you start your computer again, weird things could happen that you might not like (or maybe you do, who knows).

Tigoris said...

I hope you can get it working again soon. I've lost two computers in the last few months and will probably lose another's such a sad thing. Unfortunately, I have no advice to give on fixing it, but it seems like more capable people are already on the scene anyways.

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