Friday, October 15, 2010

Girl Friends

This manga will make you feel really girly reading it. If you're already a girl, you'll feel extra girly if you're not normally girly. I don't normally read Girls Love, but I saw this over on Uboachan somewhere and decided to give it a try since I was curious. At first I thought it was cute, but before I realized it I ended up marathining the whole series. Really, it got me by surprise. It;s just generic romance though, for the most part, it's just something about the lovable characters that make it really enjoyable to read.

As you can guess from the title, it's about girls. Girls who are friends. Girls who are friends and develop feelings past friendship. It's only 5 volumes long, so not too much of a read, really. Still surprising how I got sucked into it though, a series like this would have normally been one that I pick at slowly once a week or something, but I really couldn't help it.

I feel I can't get too much into the details without spoiling, so if you're interested, you can read the series here. The scanslators put it for online reading, so even if you don't like downloading manga, you can give it a read with good quality.

~ Kirari ミ★
(And yes, my ear buds did indeed die today, had to order a new pair. This time I just got some cheap ones.)

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Cpt.Awesome said...

I'm not a fan of Girls Love but it doesn't hurt to try once in awhile. Hope your new ear buds last a bit longer this time.

Jerry said...

Might give this a go sometime.

AKIBA-POP! said...

YES. I used to read this, i need to go find where i left off because I really loved it. Maybe I'll just read it all over. I have been in a manga reading mood.

Anonymous said...

Will I get to be the little girl if I read this?

Kami No Pocky said...

>manga starts with a 4koma

Got sucked right in.

Anonymous said...

>This manga will make you feel really girly reading it.

I wish to be the little girl, so this sounds perfect.

The Square Circle said...

>I wish to be the little girl, so this sounds perfect.

lol. agreed.

Beatrice said...

I can't pass up being a little girl for a few hours. Count me in on reading this.

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