Thursday, April 14, 2011

Slight inactivity

Yay, this week I have tons of stuff to do! So I'll be slightly inactive for a few days. I might be able to pop in and read a few blogs every now and then, but I'll certainly be too busy to post anything. I've got a test on Monday that I didn't know about until the professor announced it yesterday, and 2 projects due next week, one of which I need to watch a movie for; but I'll most likely just pick a clip from youtube and look up the summary to use for my paper. But I think I also need to keep in contact with my group members (ugh, group assignment) to find out what clip they picked from the movie. And can I really right a 3 page paper using a summary? I hope I don't actually have to waste an 1.5+ hours watching a movie this week.

I also need to try to get in contact with some Korean kid in my college as part of an assignment too. It's the first year they're trying this program, where transfer students can talk to native speakers on campus. Only it's required I do it for my class, which the professor just came up with out of the blue mid semester. Unfortunately, I gave the wrong email by accident, and apparently my partner did too. We have each other's phone numbers as well but I think we're both too awkward to call each other. Kinda makes me feel bad that someone got stuck with such an uninterested partner that's not taking the initiative to contact them. I just have to meet up at least 3 times, chat for an hour, and write a small log of what happened. It's supposed to be simple work but 1 hour of my day is a lot of my freaking time, especially if I need to spend it talking to someone. But it can't be helped. I need to get on it because the semester is almost over.

On a side note, I wanted to play Marvel vs Capcom 3 today for just an hour since it's been a while, and ended up spending my whole day on it. Oh boy! Well I guess I'll finish my kanji for the day and go to sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow and try doing something productive. And maybe text my partner or something as well.

~ Kirari ミ★

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Pawawanpi said...

So you're telling me Marvel vs Capcom 3 isn't a productive use of time? I hope you're kidding, that's great use of time.

Hope to see you back soon. And I'm sure you can write your paper without doing much. I once wrote a five page paper of only reading 3 chapters of a book, book had over 20 chapters. And I got a B on it.
Now a days teachers make it easy to BS your way into a good grade.

Tigoris said...

>Group project


>Movie based project.

Even more lame.

The whole language thing with the transfer student sounds kind of life something they do at my university. Except in that case, it's foreign students giving those of us learning Japanese a chance to practice. It can be pretty awkward if you don't have anything in common, but talking about food and stuff that's really basic small talk works pretty well.

>Sit down to play for an hour.
>Spend all day.
>Not a "care" was given.

I find that when these accidental "Wastes" of time happen, it tends to pay off in some way later. Pushing things closer to the deadline can really help to make the time invested better spent.

Good luck with the assignments!

serenity said...

I recently got an email about a transfer student conversation thing that my uni offers. I was considering taking it up to get some practice with a Japanese student but I don't think I will for awkwardness reasons.

Good luck with your paper, group assignments are so shit.

Fugazi said...

How is Marvel Vs Capcom 3? I want to play it just for the Resident Evil characters in it.

SugoiSugoi said...

Do you play MAHVEL in tournaments or just for fun? And are you a COSMIC LORD yet?

The Game Store Guy said...

Wow. Sounds like you've got a busy couple of days in front of you. o_o

Cpt.Awesome said...

Do you really have to meet up? If your partner is okay with it, talking over the phone seems like it would save you both a lot of time.

Well, it's probably going to be awkward talking to the Korean person no matter what you do. Food and movies are the first thing that came to mind, but just try whatever you feel comfortable with.

Actually, I lied. When you mentioned the person was Korean the only thing that came to mind was STARCRAFTSTARCRAFTSTRACRAFTSTARCRAFT. Stereotyping people isn't good, but I couldn't help it.

Jerry said...

Is watching that movie really that bad? Unless the movie isn't good but I'm still curious about this.

Maybe you can talk to the Korean about a certain K-Pop group. You know, the one about babies and what not.

Kirari Star said...

I don't play in tourneys, mostly because I don't like going outside and don't like being in groups of people. I do have a modded stick and play seriously, though at the same time I'm just looking for a good time. Most of the time I wasted the other day was hitting the lab and testing for new combos.

I don't play ranked much because(I suck) I find the less tense atmosphere of player battles to be more fun. That's not to say I don't pop into ranked every now and then, but I don't really stick to building up my battle card stats and stuff.

Might be cool, I'll ask if they're okay with it.

When it's a movie I've no interest in and I have a busy week? Yeah, it's bad then.

The movie was picked by one of my group partners. I wanted to pick something simple that we'd most likely all have seen (like Pocahontas or something), instead they all already agreed on a movie that only one person in the group has seen.

DerpFiles said...

Being busy is good. I wish I had something to do. And MvC3....

James said...

You sound busy :( Group projects are lame, too :( Hope they go well and call that Korean Dude soon shortly after MvC3 :D

Claude said...

I hate being busy, when I'm that busy I normally end up getting fed up with it and wasting my time not actually doing something I want to do or doing what I have to do, just complete waste of time thinking about doing what I have to be doing.

Faults no Faulty said...

Group assignments are only good if the members doesn't lump off all the work to one person (and if said person is yourself...)

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

Quite busy indeed.

>Kinda makes me feel bad that someone got stuck with such an uninterested partner that's not taking the initiative to contact them.

Wouldn't that feeling be mutual? Regardless, that assignment sounds like a pain the ass.

Hope you can find some time to take it easy.

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