Thursday, March 17, 2011

Start of spring break, and free from the chains of midterms. And Patchy.

I now have more free time with midterms finished. Spring break has started for me, so I'm taking it easy right now. Well, actually, it doesn't officially start until next Monday, and I have a midterm on my online course that's locked until Saturday (and then I have 1 day to complete it), but I'm not going to stress over it. My days have been super busy because I've been trying to fit everything together. I usually don't study, because I end up actually doing worse on tests when I do study (because I end up second guessing myself a lot during the test only to find my gut instinct was correct), but considering I knew absolutely nothing on the material for 2 of my midterms, I decided I'd look into it a bit. Of course, I procrastinate so much that it was a pain to handle. I also put daily Japanese studies above everything else. My days last week consisted of Japanese studies, try to study some school stuff, anime/Jdrama break, Japanese studies, food, Japanese studies, break, try school stuff, Japanese studies, and sleep.

Now I have more time to focus on Japanese studies, I guess. My Japanese professor was trying to think of ways she can help out Japan. Her family is fine, living in Tokyo and all, but she planned on going out there during Spring break and giving a hand. But there are pretty much no opportunities for individuals to go over and help out. I suggested she donate the money she'd use for travel expenses and such instead, and she agreed that was the best idea. While I was packing my stuff at the end of class she gave me a bear hug for emailing her the week before make sure she's okay. I'm glad she didn't decide to do that during class after giving her the donation suggestion.

And then after, I went to the cafeteria. I don't usually eat at my school since the prices are usually high, and I don't really eat much, but I figured it'd be best to have something in my stomach before taking he midterm that I had the next class, which started in about an hour and a half. Last time I ate, there was some jazz band performing there, it made for some nice background music while I munched. Didn't even turn my MP3 player on because it was okay to listen to. But this time, apparently the anime club was doing karaoke. They had a projector set up to play videos. Tomare!, Brooklyn Rage, On A Blimp, Mottoke! Sailor Fuku, some Dragonball Z parody of Make A Man Out of You (along with also doing the real version, kinda out of place). I did put my MP3 player on for this one, actually, but from the videos alone I could tell what they were singing. I came in during the Dragonball Z parody and didn't know what the hell was going on. Didn't bother me much, and not too noteworthy (aside from the random black kids in the center table getting up and dancing during Brooklyn Rage), but I guess I picked an odd day to eat at the cafeteria.

Oh, and my Patchy plush came in quite some time ago but I never made a post about it. Her hat, sadly, her hat doesn't fit on Beatrice's big head. 
Hat actually topples Mew off balance.
This one is actually from Mari, but it's so cute.
~ Kirari ミ★

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Tigoris said...

Ahh, spring break, the glorious release from school responsibilities that leaves your routine completely ruined when classes start again....I love it. Just don't do like me and get sick as soon as spring break ends.

Kirari Star said...

My immune system is really strong; I rarely get sick, so it'd be completely bad luck if I did.

chrischaos said...

i rarely get sick either.

Jerry said...

>While I was packing my stuff at the end of class she gave me a bear hug for emailing her the week before make sure she's okay.


>But this time, apparently the anime club was doing karaoke.

What terrible timing. I don't think I would've had the willpower to stay.

Glasses on Patchy looks so cute!

Hope you enjoy your break.

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

>I end up second guessing myself a lot during the test only to find my gut instinct was correct

Ah, this feel. I hate that.

>anime club was doing karaoke

I don't blame you for using your MP3 player.

>Glasses on Patchy looks so cute!


>Hope you enjoy your break.

Seconded as well.

MixedNuts said...

It sounds like your free now, with the autistic memory I have did you find the image "banned for ****".
That hat looks like it matches with any thing but your images are all pink.

LoneIslander said...

Wish I got spring break.....

Cpt.Awesome said...

I'd have listened to my own music as well. I don't understand why they feel the need to show off how weeaboo they are to other people.


Σ(゚Д゚ ) Oh god, my heart...

Ningen said...

I've never been sick during school times,
since elementary school, and back then I mostly faked it (゚ O ゚)

Link said...

I always got sick during the breaks, but never during school days. I faked it a lot so I could stay home and do nothing, though.



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