Friday, February 4, 2011

Amiami filler stuff

Just posting something filler for now. I plan on making my 999 review today or tomorrow (posting this now so I have more incentive to not procrastinate on it). Just taking it easy, as usual, perhaps a bit too easy, if there's such a thing. I'm in a slightly good mood because my Flandre Nendoroid shipped yesterday and I managed to secure some stuff from Amiami I thought I'd lose. I also got a call from one of my father's computer illiterate friends asking me to enable tethering on his cellphone to work with his computer, offering me $50 for the job. Last time the dude paid me $100 to pirate Photoshop for him, so I certainly like taking jobs from him, because of how high he pays for such simple tasks.

Moving on to the main topic; Amiami apparently didn't get my email, or hasn't responded yet anyway, about me not having access to my old account anymore for my pre-orders. I changed the email associated with the account, but after I did that neither my new nor old emails worked on Amiami's site (which I made sure to also detail in my mail). But I saw Takolukla finally on sale, and saw I had no message in my inbox regarding my pre-order, so I knew that I'd lose my pre-order for her unless I got access to my old account (as soon as I remember where I had my first honeymoon for the security questing, I'll be glad to hop onto my email again). So I thought I lost my chance to get her, and that I'd have to wait for her to restock. But then I thought that if I can time it right, I can snag her when my pre-order expires and the one I reserved becomes open again. So I loaded up my trusty Check4Change addon to stalk the page and tell me when there's some in stock again. I was about to go to sleep last night when my updater told me that there were 2 in stock! So I quickly took the opportunity to create a new Amiami account and snipe the buy before it was too late.

What's funny is that I used the email that I already used for my previous account as the email for my new account. As in, I used the newer email I created after losing access to my old email, and it still let me go through with it. It's odd, because I even have a notification in my box about the email change, but it seems Amiami's system just bugged up and my old account had no email at all assigned to it after I switched, despite the fact that they sent a confirmation email.

Regardless, I  decided to pre-order whatever i could (thankfully everything I previously pre-ordered was still open). Now I just need to try and snipe a Patchouli plush when she's up for sale again. A handful of people never went through with their Takoluka plush orders (me included, though not by my own fault), so I'm hoping a handful will skimp out on their Patchy order and allow me to get one. I was going to get one as well, but Amiami put pre-orders for the restock up at the worst time for me (after I get a ticket and have to pay a $70 fee for being late on my rental textbook return).

Curse my indecisiveness making me miss the opportunity to buy Patchy (again).

~ Kirari ミ★

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Jerry said...

That was pretty intense, I've never even heard of that addon. At least you got her before it was too late.

>Curse my indecisiveness making me miss the opportunity to buy Patchy (again).

My indecisiveness has made miss out on stuff too. Things always go in stock when I don't have money anymore.

Cpt.Awesome said...

Glad you were able to get some cash and goods off AmiAmi. I'm sure there will be at least one or two people who don't go through with their Patchy order, there always is.

Mister Sharaf said...

nice post

AKIBA-POP! said...

Amiami posts are never filler posts~

>$100 to pirate Photoshop for him
Whatwhatwhat. He's an idiot, but good for you!

....t-this check4change thing, WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT IT SOONER?

Chiyo's Dad said...

>Last time the dude paid me $100 to pirate Photoshop for him


Nice snag on Takolukla. Sorry about your account problems..

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

Fucking AmiAmi, how does it work?

>$100 to pirate Photoshop for him

Among the first things I did when I got this computer was "pirate" Photoshop when, really, all I did was download it straight from Adobe's website. I wish I was surrounded by computer illiterates with no regard for money..

MixedNuts said...

That sounds like it was going according to plan. >Last time the dude paid me $100 to pirate Photoshop for him.
All I have to say is duude and, then say hes stacking your papers.

Kami No Pocky said...

I'm so happy for you to be able to get what really matters the most, squishy pink octopus android vocalists. And that you got your business sorted with AmiAmi and not be blacklisted.


I need this!

>Curse my indecisiveness making me miss the opportunity to buy Patchy (again).

I know this all too well!

I still haven't gotten a Pachuri plush.

Anonymous said...

Bath time!

I like your background image!

Link said...

>Last time the dude paid me $100 to pirate Photoshop for him

I wish I knew someone like that.

>Check4Change addon

Thanks, this can be useful some day.

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