Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So the doorbell rings at about 7 PM today. I go to open it, and there's just a package at my feet. I guess the delivery person didn't want to wait for me to open the door, because it's so cold outside. The package was freezing, and what's inside it was even more cold. As for the delivery time, I'm guessing they have a lot of backed up packages from the snowstorm. So what came, exactly?
Look at all this bubble wrap, you can't even tell what's there.
Getting clearer, but that paper has to go.
(´・ω・`) Magnificent.
 My Danbo figure that I've been waiting forever to get is finally here! After scouting many figure sites for many months, I finally found that it was getting a re-print, and pre-ordered it the first opportunity I got, which was in August. I finally got it now, a month earlier than I expected since its release date was January and I was expecting mid-January or something. Lets have a look at it for a bit.

The box is very nice. It's plain, but extremely fitting for the figure. The Danbo face'd window on the top is a very nice touch, in my opinion. My only problem with the box was that it didn't come with those sticky seal things. I don't think the figure was opened or anything, that's not what worried me. The problem  with that was, in order to keep the box closed firmly without the seal, the lids have those cut things so the carboard stripes slide into one another and keep each other in place. this makes it a pain to open the box while trying to prevent damaging it. I managed to make it work, but it took a while. The figure doesn't come with many other attachments, but it's Danbo, it doesn't need many accessories.

In place of accessories, it has...
 Real lightup eyes! The switch on the side of the head actually works. I can tell this figure was in the cold for a long time, when I placed the batteries inside they were cold as ice.
It seems my figure had a small factory booboo on it though. It's visible in the above image, but lemme give you a closer look.
It seems my little friend got hotglued before being being packaged. I'm debating if I should request an exchange, but I dunno how exactly I'd prove I didn't glue it myself, and I'm too nervous to make a phone call about it. I think I still have 30 days or whatever, so I'll see what happens after a week or so.

Very sturdy, and ask expected doesn't need a stand because of the flat bottoms of the legs.
Arms fit perfectly into the head well.
Revoltech parts can be swapped with other Revoltech figures!

I know, I know. I'm forgetting something, it's what you all wanna see, right? No figure review is complete without one, and it's what anyone who looks at figure reviews looks forward to. 

Upskirt shot.
The little "flaps" at the bottom actually have small hinges to move around a little with the legs. You can also see the battery compartment of the head here, concealed nicely in the figure.

And as I said before, it doesn't need a stand since the legs are flat enough to support it, but I thought I'd take a picture of it anyway. Enjoy Everything.

Good figure. It doesn't come with much, but for me it's more than enough. Not sure when I'd turn the light on or anything, and since it uses those circular batteries that you put in watches, I'd rather not waste the energy and have to deal with buying another pair of those. The glue on the bottom of the arm is bothering me, but I guess it can't be helped. I should be glad it wasn't splattered on the face or anything, then I'd be annoyed enough to actually send it back.

~ Kirari ミ★

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Suciô Sanchez said...

Rule 34 on cardboard boxes - CHECK √

Another item ticked on life's to-see list.

Nirenn said...


Jerry said...

This must have felt like a late Christmas present. I love the figure, too bad I'm broke right now.

A Hermit said...

It's so cute, the light up feature is awesome!
...Now you must do Revoltech SCIENCE

ImmaFrog said...

Pretty cute Yotsuba doll. The box figure kinda makes me think of Minecraft...

LainIwakura said...

That's awesome.

Also, I love your blog and I'm sorry I don't comment on things more =(

Kirari Star said...

It's all cool, Lain. No need to apologize.

Kirari Star said...

I just wanna know why blogger doesn't update with your new posts for me, even though I tried unsubscribing and subscribing again.

Cpt.Awesome said...

Shame about the factory defect, but it doesn't look that noticeable from here.

Your reviews are becoming a tad lewd~

The Game Store Guy said...

Oh's just so adorable! ^_^

Chiyo's Dad said...

You got Danbo!

cooperlife said...

how much does a danbo figure cost?

Link said...

That upskirt shot.

>the lids have those cut things so the carboard stripes slide into one another and keep each other in place. this makes it a pain to open the box while trying to prevent damaging it

To try to open boxes like that always makes me frustrated.

tomi991 said...

so cute <3
following :)

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