Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nendoroid Megurine Luka Review

So I looked around and managed to find my mother's old digital camera. The digital display oddly enough is completely black when I'm trying to take pictures, but actually displays what I'm viewing if I switch to video mode. The viewfinder was dirty and scratched beyond repair, so I didn't bother looking through that. In other words, these are pretty much blind shots, so forgive them if they're not really centered properly.
I don't have a lightbox set up, so rather than using one, I'll be using a "darkbox".
Okay, it's just an emptied portion of my bookshelf, deal with it.

In any case, I decided to take my first crack at a figure review. If the title and image didn't make it apparent, I'm reviewing Good Smile Company's Megurine Luka Nendoroid
Dragonballs not included
Like Good Smile's other Nendoroids, this comes with quite a alternate parts, along with an accessory. One of her alternate sets gives her the face and arms she needs to make her Double Lariat pose. Takoluka alone makes this a lovely buy. Posing her for some of these pictures was probably the most fun part.
Look at this pimp.
Just look at her.
Takoluka is also edible. I think.
The face I used for Luka above is from my Snow Miku Nendoroid, it's not included Luka, but most Nendoroids can swap parts, much like how Revoltech figures can swap parts. It's not as visible in this image, but Yotsuba's left arm is actually Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's arm.

Takoluka also has this hole on the bottom of her, which I really liked.
The hole that really makes this fun to play with-
-because you can use her as a head for the Nendoroid Mini's!

Yeah, what'd you think? At first people might not know what the hell the hole at the bottom is for, but seeing as how I have so many  Nendoroid Minis (AKA Nendoroid Puchi) around, including the Luka one above, I  decided to experiment a bit. It's a bit of a loose fit, and makes it a bit hard to balance properly for you to place your figure on the stand, but once everything is placed together, it should all stay sturdy enough to display without toppling over.


Very nice figure, with an awesome accessory. It's pretty much 2 figures for the price of 1 Nendoroid. Can't really go wrong with that. 

~ Kirari ミ★

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RostranTargo said...

>Winter Nendo Miku
I'm jealous. Nice pictures though.

Buff Drinklots said...


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome.

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...


LoneIslander said...

Looks pretty cool

Jerry said...


The review is fine even though it didn't feel like one.

Kirari Star said...

I've never done a review before~

I thought I should have went through talking about the paint job and sculpt and stuff, but I never got around to it. I don't really like grading stuff either.

I will say her hair has a very nice looking gradient to it, the colors stand out a lot, and the detailing on her dress and Takoluka's features are very well done.

The stand is simply 3 pieces, and most of it is hidden under her skirt. The best stands are the stands that you can't see that much, in my opinion, so I guess that's a big positive.

Takoluka is easy to balance on most surfaces, and assembling the pieces for Luka aren't a pain, and at the same time they stay in place and she balances nicely.

I should have taken pictures of the box as well, right? The box art was pretty, and they picked colors that matches Luka's color scheme for it.

I guess if I ever do another figure review (maybe when Lazengann comes in the mail), I'll go into more info about it to make it feel more like a review and less like a photoshoot.

Jerry said...

@Kirari Star
You don't have to do a very detailed and thorough review. Just your thoughts and opinions make for good post material.

Chiyo's Dad said...

What a pimp! I love your figures. Is dat sum Chibi Vampire? Shit, I need to finish reading that series..

Ken-sama said...

Ken-Sama also thinks you should review and I was confused about the octopus. Normally octopus are tasty treats to Ken-Sama but it looked like I wanted to cuddle with it with my Japanese power. What is this feeling I Ken-Sama am feeling it is neither burning spirit but a fuzzy feeling that is difficult to express?

Cpt.Awesome said...

>I've never done a review before~

Just take pictures and give us your thoughts on the figure. It's what I usually do, I don't have a real grading system either.

>maybe when Lazengann comes in the mail


Kirari Star said...

Depends on how long it takes to come. HLJ still hasn't sent me the email asking me to give them the paypal payment, since I guess they don't have the shipping cost calculated yet or something.

Kami No Pocky said...

>I thought I should have went through talking about the paint job and sculpt and stuff, but I never got around to it. I don't really like grading stuff either.

Me too, but I enjoyed the review.

The Square Circle said...

very cute.

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