Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kirari's (possibly) near rape encounter!

Get ready for a cool story. That's what blogs are for, right? Cool stories?
So, I was running late this morning for Japanese class because I was playing video games for too long. I usually have to leave at around 1 PM to catch my bus, and I get back home around 6 PM or so. I don't eat breakfast, but since I'm out for so long, I usually do eat something before leaving for class. Since I was running late, I didn't have that luxury. I mean, I could have done that whole "run out the door with toast in my mouth" thing, but I don't really like toast alone that much, and was running too late to even get a slice of bread out.

So I arrive at class just barely on time. I had a quiz today, so it'd be quite a problem if I actually came in late. After class I take my normal bus, and everything is fine. I go to the back and take out my laptop and kill time by reading my light novels and catching up on my news here and there. However, today was rather different. There's this guy that always sits in the back as well around this time. I never really cared about him or paid him any mind, but I do always see him playing his PSP, and we're always the only ones in the back. He comes in a few stops after I get on, and never sits next to me anyway.

So I'm on my laptop, killing time, and he asks me something out of nowhere.
"Would you like to get something?"
I didn't answer, because I didn't know what the fuck he meant and I try to ignore people until it becomes uncomfortable for me stay silent, by that point I usually proceed to end the conversation myself with "I'm busy" or something after answering their question. Usually I don't have to do that becaue I guess I just have this aura around me that spells out "don't wanna talk" to people.

So he asks:
"I mean like, to drink. Like Starbucks or something?"
Oh shit nigger, what the fuck are you doing? I couldn't leave this without responding, because he'd keep on, so I told him:
"No, I'm busy right now."
And get back to my laptop. He then keeps asking and insisting, and since I am thirsty and have a hard time dealing with people pressuring me into something
I give in and say yeah, shortly before the stop he apparently gets off at, usually. The Starbucks is right in front of the bus stop. We go in, I order some hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun. The cashier hands me my stuff and I tell the guy "I do have to go home though, so thanks for the drink and stuff" before he has the chance to say anything to me. He was saying before that he just wanted to buy me a drink, I didn't have to stay and chat with him or anything, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to him that I just leave after taking his offer. But then, he says something to me as I'm walking out the door.

"Ah, I live near here. The next bus doesn't come for about 15 minutes, if you want I can just get you a ride home"
But luckily, just as he says that, a bus comes. It's not the bus I usually take, but it does take me near my house. So I told him "No thanks, this bus is fine for me. Bye."

But the story doesn't end there!
I get on the bus, drink my chocolate and eat my snack. I'm on my laptop like normal, and while reading my light novel I start feeling a tad bit drowsy. When I get home, I just crash onto the sofa. I don't even take my stuff off, I just pretty much go straight to it and fall out. I stay knocked out for a few hours, and when I wake up I'm still a bit groggy, but decide to force myself awake.

So...what the hell just happened? Did I get something slipped into my drink? I mean, I'm not dumb enough to accept a drink from a stranger and not keep an eye on them to make sure my drink is safe, but I wasn't paying attention to when the drink was being made because an employee was making it. The guy does live around the area, so maybe it's possible he knows the dude that works there and they had planned this out from the start. Or maybe it was just coincidence. You know, like when you get sleepy after getting some warm liquid in your tummy and fill yourself up after being hungry? Maybe that's what happened? But I didn't gradually get sleepy, it pretty much just hit me like a train when I got home.

Needless to say, I'm not taking the same bus again. I wouldn't take his offer if I didn't think things through and plan on never seeing him again. There's another bus I can take that comes about 5 minutes later and takes a completely different route, but still leads me to my house at about the same time. Stuff like this makes me realize that I should have just stayed a lazy NEET and never ventured into the outside world again. Maybe I won't register for another semester and quit here.

~ Kirari ミ★

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Beatrice said...

Sounds like that bus saved you from waking up in Mexico without your kidneys. Lucky ending.

Cpt.Awesome said...

Holy shit, I'm fairly certain he was trying to rape you. The fact that he has a ride at home but takes a bus makes him suspicious already. There's a possiblity that his parents or something needs the car while he's out but I highly doubt it.

If I had to guess, you ride around 5:15-5:45 PM. With daylight savings, it would be considered dark enough to encourage these kind of activities, no?

Anyways, I'm glad you made it our safely. I hope your new bus route will ensure that you never encounter him again. If you do, I suggest riding the bus to a populated area, such as a mall or something. During the ride, try to call for someone you know to pick you up!

A Hermit said...

Scary shit! Stay safe now

Seion said...

Well, this is certainly quite the fine blog post to stumble across here.

Glad you're safe though. I like your writing style; think I'll come by again sometime.

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

I'm immune to the dangers of the outside world, so long as I stay inside!

>Maybe I won't register for another semester and quit here.

Don't let stuff like this get ya down, not with your potentially useful studies at hand. Just be more careful and aware.

>During the ride, try to call for someone you know to pick you up!

Dohoho. I'd stay away from the back of the bus if I were you. It seems the scumbags tend to always congregate there.

Jerry said...

At first it seemed like the guy just wanted to get to know you but after all that happened it's really scary what he tried to do.

Did the drink taste funny?

Was there anything odd about your snack?

You should do what Cpt.Awesome said in order to be safe. Don't let this experience scar you in any way though. If you're careful enough then things like this wouldn't happen.

I hope you don't do something like this again. ;_;

Kirari Star said...

>Did the drink taste funny?

I never drink Starbucks, and I got something different (might as well, since it's the only time I'll drink there). It did taste odd, but I can't really tell much because it's something I've never tried before. It was Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate. It wasn't so great tasting, but I didn't pay for it so didn't mind.

>Was there anything odd about your snack?

Snack was okay. He actually picked the snack up and put it in a bag in front of my eyes, and gave it to me before going to make my drink.

Chiyo's Dad said...

I don't know what to say. I'm sorry to hear you had to go through such a terrible experience. That guy sounds like a creepy asshole, and hope he gets whats coming to him.

>Maybe I won't register for another semester and quit here.
No! As HHH said, don't let this get you down too much. And never underestimate the importance of breakfast.

Stay safe.

Kami No Pocky said...

That sounds pretty weird. From what you describe the guy might have just been trying to be friendly or something. Usually you're not allowed to talk to people/strangers on public transport it seems to be sort of taboo, and he could have been so ronery?

>When I get home, I just crash onto the sofa. I don't even take my stuff off, I just pretty much go straight to it and fall out. I stay knocked out for a few hours, and when I wake up I'm still a bit groggy, but decide to force myself awake.

This happens to me all of the time! You have no idea how much I hate it when that happens. I'm also prone to going faint in public after physical exertion like running to catch my train.

Glad it turned out okay; don't give up on schooling though.

Lemmiwinks said...

Cool story, bro!
Following your blog

LoneIslander said...


SugoiSugoi said...

I will never get drugged and raped by a guy on the bus.


In seriousness, I'm sorry to hear about your experience and hope you'll be okay with the new bus route.

Link said...

Creepy. ;_;

I'm glad I don't have to deal with public transportation. I can't trust strangers.

Mr Jack House said...

good news everyone

Kageryu said...

I don't think anyone would ever try to slip me something.

Unless they had a thing for unkempt 21 year olds with dandruff.

RFMSantos said...

I would say you were just tired, but the insistence of the guy was really alarming.

Maybe you got even more tired from having to deal with some random stranger demanding your company - so the sofa-crash.

Anyway, I'm glad to know you are safe.

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