Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another music post

I was planning on writing up something else today, but considering I have a paper due this week that I keep procrastinating on, I think it's best I get it done today while I still feel energized. So I was listening to some music while looking up research material for the report and figured a small music post should be nice. But this will probably be the last music post for a while, I realize this blog is quickly heading down the path of becoming a music sharing blog. Though I was planning on doing one of these for VN background music, since I find a lot of these have some nice songs people overlook. I'll save that for some other post.

First is another song Mari recently showed me, but that's because it only came out recently. It's Another Dawn by Chouchou, a group of musicians that met up on Second Life and perform there. This is actually the piano version of the song titled Dawn, but I really find this one so much better for the feel of the song. They have a download of this version on their site for free here, though they do ask on the download page for an optional donation for Earthquake relief.

Next up is an orchestrated arrange of Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path from Taste. It's actually been a while since I've listened to this, but it popped up while my MP3 player was on shuffle and I forgot I even downloaded it, even though I do remember putting it on a list to remind myself at some point. It was a nice reminder, and one of the times where my crappy memory creates nice surprises for me.

I'll keep this post short by just adding this last track, but it is a bit long. This is from t=NODE, it's an rather unique arrange of Crimson In The Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish. The title of the song is Iku`s memory _ ある日常における出来事、which can translate to something along the lines of Iku's memory of everyday life.

Now I'll probably be tempted to do that post about VN music, but I'll really try to hold back from it for a few weeks. It'll give me some more time to pick which songs I want to use anyway, rather than just picking songs that are in my head at the time.

~ Kirari ミ★

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Mari said...

I'm glad you liked another dawn~
dawn and another dawn sound pretty different, but I really like the feel of the piano with the song too :3

DerpFiles said...

So second life is for more than just digital prositituion? Interesting. I liked that last song, good for taking it easy maybe? :P

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

>a group of musicians that met up on Second Life and perform there

W-what? I'm surprised, it's actually pretty good.

>one of the times where my crappy memory creates nice surprises for me

I love it when this happens.

>rather unique arrange of Crimson In The Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish

Yep, I didn't like it at first, but it sorta grew on me. The song was long enough for it.

Cpt.Awesome said...

I have a lot of songs on my playlist that I can't remember what they are exactly.

I have a nice chunk of songs from Taste too.

Tigoris said...

The first song was too gentle for me to pay attention to. It's the kind of music I'd put on in the background while doing work, because it's there enough to give you something to listen to, but it won't intrude on your thinking.

Second one is more of my kind of music. I like a faster pace and a bit of, I don't know, an epic feel?

Ooh, I like the last one. Reminds me a lot of Kashiwa Daisuke's tracks. The longer I listen to this track, the more I think it sounds familiar.

I have a lot of albums on my computer that I never listen to. Occasionally I get lucky and it shuffles onto a good one, but most of the time I just end up skipping through a lot of bad albums.

Kirari Star said...

World End Girlfriend has some songs that are kinda like Kashiwa Daisuke's songs too. Though they're kinda hit and miss for me. Sometimes they're more noise and not enough actual music, but some of their tracks are nice.

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