Friday, January 14, 2011

Bad start of the new year, cool stories inside.

So I'm sure anyone that cares has noticed, I haven't really made many blog posts lately. I'm sure by now I've lost a sizable amount of my previous visitors, but that's fine. I blog to blog, so don't mind if there are only a handful of people keeping track of it all.
I'm not mad, I'm still taking it easy despite recent events, but I just haven't been in the mood to blog because I wanted to ease myself a bit with my backlog and relaxing cups of tea. Of course, my streak of misfortune is entirely my fault, so I don't plan on blaming anyone else.

So, it starts off with me recently remembering that one textbook from last semester's courses was a rental. I have horrible memory, I've always been bad with keeping track of things. It took me almost 2 weeks to realize that I had a rental, and that it was due at the end of the semester. The fee for not returning the book on time comes out to $80. I haven't been called yet for the money, but I'm sure they'll eventually come after me. 

I had something to settle at school with my classes next semester and took the train to my school. I forgot my monthly train pass at home, so I purchased a 1 day ticket and got it stamped. The stamp machine smudged the ink horribly, but I didn't notice because I don't take the time to look down at my stamped tickets all the time. I got on the train to school fine, but when coming back they did random ticket inspection. I showed my ticket, but apparently the ink was so smudged that it was just a glob of black on the ticket. The officer said it was entirely illegible, and proceeded to write me a $74 ticket. I guess I can try to fight the ticket, the court date is on the 28th at 8 AM (ugh), so I guess I'll head in and hope there's a judge that will let me pass through. After all, it's my first offense, and I do have a monthly pass that I purchased long before that ride, with the pass issued under my name, and I even still have the receipt for it. But I doubt I'll win anyway, I'm too unlucky. I'll most likely end up with a judge that simply doesn't care, because I didn't have the pass on my person at the given time of inspection. Police are truly one of the many dangers of the outside world.

I also lost access to one of my email accounts because I deleted my saved passwords by accident while doing a routine cleaning of my system, and my memory is too bad to remember what my password for the email was. Even worse, I apparently put in a random security question, so can't even recover the account. 
"Where did I go for my honeymoon?"

What the hell was I even thinking putting that security question? I dunno, but apparently I put that question in 2 years ago, and there's no way I'd remember what was going on in my head back then. It's possible I used some kind of secret code that I thought I'd remember long into the future, because I do sometimes do stuff like that when the answers to the secret questions I can remember are too short to be used (why does my father's middle name and mother's maiden name have to be so short?!). It's the account I used for many Amiami pre-orders. I changed the e-mail on my Amiami account, and they said all future purchases will use my new email, but I have no idea what that means for my current pre-orders. Will they send the verification email to my old account, or my new one? I guess I'll drop Amiami a email and see what they say. Hopefully they respond before my Takoluka plush go in stock.

But I don't really mind much.I got a huge dent in my wallet and lost an account I associated a lot of things with, but I can still take it easy if I just lazily lounge around. Good thing this all happened while I was on break, or I would have had the stress of course work piled on with my bad luck. By the time classes start, I should mostly be over everything and have moved on.

As for my blogging, I'll most likely (assuming I don't run into another misfortune) start blogging again on a regular basis tomorrow. I have some blogs that I wanna read too, but haven't gotten to them because I feel that if I open up Blogger, I shouldn't leave without writing something; and because I wasn't in the mood to write anything, I didn't even check up on what all my blogbros have been up to. 

I already have tomorrows blog planned on something simple, just my first look and thoughts on a few Winter 2011 anime, then after maybe a review of 999 (which I finished while in my absence of blogging) and maybe talk about how the new patch for wrestling kitties with scuba gear does for the netplay issue it was having before.

All in all, I just hope you guys are having a better 2011 so far than I am. I'm usually an unlucky person, but this has been a streak of bad luck that's literally been costing me greatly.
Until next time.

~ Kirari ミ★

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Link said...

That sucks. ;_; Hope that everything will work out.

>Even worse, I apparently put in a random security question, so can't even recover the account.

I keep doing that, so I've lost access to some accounts due to my memory being shitty.

erics said...

you'll move on from all this. looking forward to seeing more posts!

Suciô Sanchez said...

Text book prices are such a joke. Pure scam.

Chiyo's Dad said...

Sorry about all of those things. It sounds like a bad streak of unluckiness for you. I really hope things start to turn around for you soon.

>Police are truly one of the many dangers of the outside world.

Yeah, I agree. I've always been phobic of the po-po's.

Take it easy. We'll always be here waiting for your posts :3

Faults no Faulty said...

Well, there's no way but up after this, right?

>The fee for not returning the book on time comes out to $80
>The officer said it was entirely illegible, and proceeded to write me a $74 ticket

I guess it's not a secret that those fines are usually imposed to give those people some extra 'pocket money'. I hope they're too lazy to go through the process of asking you to pay up tho

Cpt.Awesome said...

They used to do random inspections on the trains here as well, but I haven't seen any at all lately. I do remember someone running to avoid the fine, which was kind of funny.

I'm pretty sure AmiAmi can fix your current pre-orders if you email them.

Jerry said...

What a streak of bad luck. At least you're taking it easy.

>Even worse, I apparently put in a random security question, so can't even recover the account.

Happens to all of us.

SugoiSugoi said...

Sounds like a bad time. Usually just showing up in court is enough to get a ticket reduced, if not waived completely. Good luck!

Kirari Star said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. Wasn't even expecting more than 2 or so, thought everyone forgot about me by now.

>Usually just showing up in court is enough to get a ticket reduced, if not waived completely. Good luck!

Really? I'm usually pessimistic and didn't even think I'd win anything out of the case. Only reason I didn't kick back and accept the fine was because my mother urged me to fight for the ticket (she's gotten quite a lot of them and fights a lot of them).

Hopefully I do get off with the fact that I have a monthly unlimited pass issued under my name and address, but I'm not going to look on the bright side just to get crushed harder when I get a crabby judge.

C said...

>I have horrible memory
Me too, mine seems to be filled with holes.

>$80 fee
>$74 ticket
So much misfortune, things like this never happen when I leave the house, but then again I only leave rarely and at night.

By the way, I'm glad to see you're still here, maybe HHH will come back too.. soon..

Kami No Pocky said...

I'm having a pretty bad 2011 too so far. T_T

It seems some people don't care tat they're going to cause a huge amount of unnecessary stress just by being stubborn.

I try to cheer myself up in small ways and with my life-enrichment devices. You should too; and remember, take it easy~

Magnus said...

Awww... that sucks. So, in your country, if the ticket is illegible from the front part, it's like if you just used an illegal ticket? God heavens, couldn't they just use a machine to read the magnetic film? Oh wait, don't tell me the train tickets of your country doesn't have a magnetic film? Aww well, just show the judge your pass. If you already paid it, and twice, they shouldn't tell you anything. And if they do, try to call them "nazi". Well, don't do it, but it's what they deserve.

You remember me to Touma from the indexverse, because of your bad luck. But be patient, one day a nun-loli might end in your balcony.

Kirari Star said...

My country has magnetic film on the cards, in fact I grew up on them. The problem was, I was taking a train system that was different from the usual system. The way this system handles tickets is you buy a ticket and can use it whenever, but you need to get them stamped by a machine when you're about to use it. The machine stamps the time that the ticket will expire on it.

I wish it used the same system I know, but they're trains in different states.

orange drink said...

this is why I never rent textbooks ...

>"Where did I go for my honeymoon?"
Marisa's house

Wesh said...

well that sucks, but I'm sure all the suckyness will be over soon :) positive thinking, mate!

following you now!
my blog, feel free to check it out :)

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