Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Revoltech Lazengann review

Alright, so I said it was coming, and here it is. I got this about a week ago. Right when I opened the box, I was excited. The figure is very nice, and the detailing is certainly lovely, especially for the price of this thing. 

The accessories it comes with. Extra hands not shown in the image.
Some box images
So I get this, and take it out the box. Oh boy, the accessories look nice, the figure looks nice, the paint job doesn't look cheap, everything is fine. But...how the hell do I balance this thing? This is by far one of the most unbalanced figures I've ever purchased. Maybe I'm just bad at balancing, but the long stick part of the base that comes with Revoltech's as to use his tail as the base to hold the figure up. I found that to be a rather awkward place to hold the figure up. There's also this strange little small piece of the stand that didn't come with any of my other Revoltech figures.

It's supposed to go into the spot where the long stick part of the base goes, but if I'm having problems balancing this figure normally, I can't imagine this little piece will do any better with that. Here's a professional image of the figure using this piece.
I've no idea how the hell you'd get to do this. It's simply too much weight being distributed to one part of the base, and there's hardly anything to weigh down the other end, or keep it sturdy. Seriously, maybe I'm overlooking something. That's a really big turnoff, because it limits the poses I can do with my figure. Or, if I do find the right pose, I'd have to take forever to balance it. Once it's balanced, it's easy to topple over because of the weight, and once it's toppled I'd have to go through balancing it all over again. It's my one gripe with this figure so far, and it's the largest one. I notice bad paint jobs, or unsmooth edges on figures, but it doesn't bother me if I can at least make them look nice. This is hard to do that with, because of how unbalanced it is. So, in the next shots, you'll see me using a volume of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei to weigh the base down enough so the figure can actually make some poses.
Oh, right! One thing I like about Revoltech figures! You can mix and match parts, much like how you can swap Nendoroid faces! I'm using Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's drill for Lazengann's tail, just for the hell of it. And here's a Frankenstein figure I made.

Now, let me make a comment about the accessories. They're nice, but some are a bit of an annoyance. Obviously, this also comes with lots of different hands for extra poses. I didn't take a picture of them though, I might update this post tomorrow with one. The drills that it comes with have to be placed between the revolver join and the joint socket. It keeps them in place nicely, but prevents the joint from fully fitting into the socket, meaning it'll be a bit loose and difficult to pose around. They still look pretty cool though.

It also comes with this jetpack thing that Gurren Lagann uses in the anime. The wings aren't included. I assume they came with another Gurren Lagann figure. In any case, I don't have the Gurren Lagann figure this is used for, so I guess I can just use it to make my Metagross look like a tank or something.

Here's a size comparison of it next to Tengen Toppa. The size is reasonable, to tell you the truth. I would like it a bit larger (maybe they could fit the socket that you connect to the base in a more convenient spot with more space), but it's fine like this. I'm still messing around with the figure to see if I can get a nice pose with it. I don't regret the purchase, it's a really nice figure. I just wish it was easier for me to pose around. Most of my other Revoltechs have no problem being put into multiple different poses and staying balanced.

Sorry for some rather bad quality images. I don't usually photograph. In fact, I don't recall really picking up a camera before making this blog, because I've had no need to photograph anything. I'll get better at it...I think.

Overall, it was a nice buy. The figure itself isn't really what's flawed, it's the stand. Of course, it's just using the standard Revoltech stand of the little black V, but they really should have come up with something more suitable for this. It's really hard to balance. My other figures usually have the main socket somewhere on their lower torso, which is a strong spot to hold the figure up. Putting the base on the tail makes it really unbalanced. I supposed I'd be able to balance this better if I removed the tail and used the empty socket to hold the figure instead, but I really shouldn't have to do something like that. Maybe one of you have this figure and can tell me if I'm just doing something wrong?

In other news, I've got to catch up on your blogs tomorrow. I skimmed through some and found some interesting stories here and there, but I'm about to go to sleep right now and can't really read them. Procrastinated all day on my essay, and finally got it done, so that's why this review is coming out later than I planned. Hope someone found this review a bit useful. Not saying you shouldn't get the figure, just be aware of the fact that it's difficult to work with, compared to others from Revoltech.

~ Kirari ミ★

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McRohanheim said...

The figure looks good.
About the balancing problem. Maybe the little piece is meant to act as a weight to balance the figure. Or you could try and position the lazengann directly above the V.

Jerry said...

I've had to deal with that stand before.
I'm also baffled by design of it since it's really inconvenient for posing and balancing.

But the figure looks cool, I'm actually jealous of some of the figures that you own.

Chiyo's Dad said...

Nice photography. That figure looks awesome! A shame that the stand seems so problematic. It can't be helped.

Suciô Sanchez said...

Quite an art to arranging these things.
Like Ikebana (生け花) with plastic flowers.

Buff Drinklots said...

Nice stuff lol.

Betta sp said...

you've a nice figures. long ago i'm quite fascinated to collect those kind of figures, but it's a bit expensive for me

cooperlife said...

the girl one reminds me of those figurines that guys like to record themselves blowing their load all over.

Mister Sharaf said...

nice figures

Cpt.Awesome said...

Revoltech stands never make any sense to me. I'm jealous of your TTGL as well.

Kami No Pocky said...

I've been thinking of getting a Revoltech or two, but these really seem quite complicated when I consider all the trouble people have with them and the same with Nendoroids too.

The review is nice though, the pictures are fine too. I don't think many people know how to use their cameras properly either. I know I keep on forgetting what I have to do to adjust the light settings...

Nice manga collection!

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