Monday, November 15, 2010

Japanese Post stops all shipments to the US that exceed 453 grams starting Nov. 17

This PDF is in Japanese, but the gist of it is that shipments from Japan to the US and its territories that are larger than 453 grams (which is about 1 pound) will be halted starting November 17. Unless of course you have a business contract or something, then you're fine. Now, I usually take it easy, but...

What the hell happens to my orders I have set then? Will I never get my Lazengann? My Takoluka plush? My other figures I have pre-ordered and set to release early next year? I'll have my orders cancelled, won't I? Meaning that I'll probably never get a chance to get that stuff again unless I wanna buy them from auction sites and pay a crapload for them.

~ Kirari ミ★

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Anonymous said...

It would seem that you only need to worry if you're buying from private sellers. Most big shipping companies have the proper arrangements to continue as they have been. Either way, it's troubling news though.

Cpt.Awesome said...

Like Dialydose said, I believe companies such as Otacute and AmiAmi will be unaffected. I'm not sure about Mandarake and proxy services though.

I hope they don't decide to do the same to Canada.

A Hermit said...

Sucks for US buyers of certain items and individual Japanese sellers, they have to do that registration bullshit to send you the stuff. For once I am actually glad I am not in the US.

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

It's fine. This only applies to unmarked / anonymous packages, and all major sellers are in contract with Japan Post anyway. It won't inhibit any of our delicious Chinese Girl imports.

Reposting from the /toy/ thread:

>>Here's what I got from AmiAmi's helpful customer-service rep:


>Thank you for your mail and attention.
>No worries, we do not have problem with that.

>As we have noticed this update from Japan Post web-site earlier and we have contacted with Japan Post and they said that is for the "unidentified parcel" such as without senders names and information or without recievers information.

>Thank you for your attention and emailing us!

>Best regards,
>Romi Namai


Kirari Star said...

Oh, cool.
Thanks, guys. I went off to eat dinner when this all started and didn't get to read through the whole thread by then.

What a relief. Was about to Sadfrog.jpg because my Danbo figure that I've been stalking forever was supposed to ship rather soon, and I was afraid this would affect it (meaning I'd miss my chance for Danbo once again and would most likely have to resort to buying it for 3 times the original price on auction sites).

Jerry said...

I was afraid about this too until I read the comments here.

Buff Drinklots said...

I was afraid also, man.

Chiyo's Dad said...

I heard about this yesterday. Shit's messed up, man. But it's good to read that things like AmiAmi are unaffected!

Lemmiwinks said...

Great post. waiting for more updates

jura1991 said...

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SugoiSugoi said...

I don't have the money for figures anyway. ;_;

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