Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright

Meant to make a post on this way earlier, but I apparently never published it. It was kinda just sitting in a tab waiting for me to submit. Anyway, as some of you have probably already heard, there's a crossover being made of the Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton series for the 3DS. I'm very excited for this title, being that I love both of these games, and can see them working together quite nicely.

Of course, there's not much detail about the game, since it was just announced. All we have to work with is what was officially said:
- Capcom and Level-5 collaboration
- Shu Takumi is writing the scenario
- Fully animated movie sequences
- Puzzle + Trial Adventure
- Takes place in some mysterious witch trial setting

More details on story stuff:
# Hershel Layton and Phoenix Wright finds themselves in a different world
# The city is called Labyrinth City, where illusions and reality cross. Magic and witches are real, but hidden from view.
# Villian is known as the Story Teller. He controls the city and literally writes the future.
# Layton will find himself solving new puzzles. Wright will be defending someone accused of witchcraft.
# The trial that takes place in this world is "Majo Saiban," or "Witch Trial."

~ Kirari ミ★
(And for anyone who cares, I'm better now)

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Jerry said...

It makes me feel bad because I haven't started either of those series.

Hip-Hop Hikikomori said...

This looks awesome.

>(And for anyone who cares, I'm better now)

That's awesome too.

Anonymous said...

I love the Phoenix Wright games.

McRohanheim said...

It's only noon but this has made my day. Nice to see you're doing better too :)

Link said...

>It makes me feel bad because I haven't started either of those series.

AKIBA-POP! said...

Glad you recovered from your fever! I'm pretty excited as well!

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